Polo y Peyrolón 14-4p
   46021 Valencia ( Spain)
CIF B98636764
volume 9795 Folio 170 inscrp 1 sheet V-159583 trade register of Valencia

  We are a company with more than 15 years experience in the field of crafts and craft decoration
 Our mission is to bring to fruition the quality of our path in traditional business to new times in this era of Internet www.artiamano.com our website, not to forget that behind every computer is a person with their concerns and needs that we must address as we always handmade

Our craftsmen have the official certificate of qualification artisan DCA

 Our main crafts are:

Handmade pottery, painted and handmade

Classic and rustic artisan Forge. Exclusive

Artisan jewelry handmade porcelain

Castanets and fans, painted and handmade

Unique paint several figures

Bronze figures decoration watches

Pictures of Painting and marquetry

Aromatherapy Candles and Fragrances

Sculptures author

handcrafted Knives

Bags, belts and boots wine leather handmade
A. EUROPA SL has brought together the best artisans with official certificate selected work in different crafts. It is our endeavor to spread a craft that has more than ten centuries old. This is our most noble way to contribute to make our culture better known not only in Spain, also in the rest of the world

  The products we offer are practical and functional pieces for ornamental use. Each are handmade by our Spanish artisans, meeting the highest standards of quality from manufacturing to delivery. Therefore not processed in series, they are unique pieces, handmade and selected under strict control

  We are open to new ideas about handicrafts artisans coming from both customers and our end customers
  Our greatest satisfaction is to get each of our customers become our best sword in the arduous task of spreading the Spanish craftsmanship worldwide

If you have any comments or suggestions, please write to: info@artiamano.com