Material And Color

Beautiful , appropriate materials and together form the basis of color arts and crafts beautiful. Materials technology is embodied in the material conditions of the United States, has always been the emphasis on arts and crafts home. Some carving artists to find the roots of the right, who work tirelessly to dig the earth , digging, which demonstrates the importance of " material conditions " . Numerous types of crafts, arts and crafts materials can also be made very rich , we appreciate how material crafts

1. Understanding, identification of materials , custom beauty is the basic starting point to appreciate the beauty of the material

Art for arts and crafts is not to judge the value of the subject on the equal status . Rare precious diamond , cheap shoes worn if the roots , thin hair can be used to make yarn crafts . Eyes Dengcao technologist , fabric , clay, paper can become baby. With fur production cutting of all kinds of stuffed animals have entered the international market, well received. In the equal status of the materials vary, jade glass , solid bronze , rustic floor , vibrant feathers and soft beauty Dengcao rich , beautiful supple bamboo, solemn beauty of wood , ivory pure beauty , etc. , are due to performance of different materials has a different personality traits and the essence of beauty. When the personality characteristics of matter only for the proper functioning of these craft materials will be considered by the masses as hermosa.Amado screen velvet painting hanging today , velvet texture that make full use of soft effect , thick , bright three-dimensional and created this material beauty aid painting itself as a lounge decorated with family rooms are extremely elegant and refined. Here's the craftsmanship in the stone most commonly used to introduce its category , texture and its application to materials for handicrafts personality characteristics have a more concrete understanding . In nature more than three thousand kinds of minerals and rocks is known , and can be carved hundreds of types of arts and crafts materials , which can be divided into four categories: precious stones, jade stones and Yanshi , expensive collectively in our beautiful stone. Gems. There are diamonds, gold emerald , emerald, ruby and sapphire, etc. Diamond is the most precious , shiny crystal stone , many people appreciate . Alexandrite and cat's eye stone is a variant of chrysoberyl cat eye stone into a cabochon , the band swimming appearance of light , like the eye of a cat. They are important for the production of fine gold and silver filigree craft mosaic jewelry material. In the Palace Museum treasures on display in the Palace of Heavenly Purity, you can see various handicrafts made of these gemstones. Jade. There jadeite and nephrite jade points. That jadeite jade, bright pure colors, delicate hard texture . It is the color of high green lush core, green, wood green boxwood, old bright green , gold and green multiple grade. Jade is an ideal for the production of flowers, bracelets and other ornament superior material. Xinjiang Hetian in sebum (also known as the seed jade) , delicate and bright as creamy , texture and color are beautiful treasures of jade. Beijing Jade Plant tallow carved " jade cat and butterfly " , which fully shows the material fat beauty : networking cat nap, through smooth and pure of pure material , showing the vitality of the body ; Looking back looking at the tail of the red butterfly of it, more so the work is full of vitality. Stone color. Even worse than Dan Guangze color jade, but by virtue of its beautiful color, pattern and engraving effect and demonstrate its extraordinary value. Fei walked fog marble , natural elegance of stone chrysanthemum , yellow cooked and tender Yellowstone, variety of different species. Well Yellowstone TomeSeal King Stone " stone products to yellow to orange peel on the second gold , followed by yellow and fragrant osmanthus , millet cooked yellow loquat is the lowest yellow. Even under the stone , its price is also confusion, etc. gold. " stamp stone heliotrope another action , also based on the quality of color, pure red stone filled by expensive. In many rocks in Hunan Liuyang chrysanthemum stone can be described as the unique splendor . This daisy -shaped stone with a natural texture , artists use color stone, a variety of flowers carved desk ornament or desk, smoking . Chrysanthemum stone because of its natural beauty and unique show flower shape. Poet Li Ji 's poem "stone chrysanthemum ," as he wrote "born Shiju Jing Ying, radiating petals thick aroma", "flower chrysanthemum white as snow, catching flower stone hard as iron " words of praise, glorification that is "rare traveled the world to find " art treasures. Yanshitai . General to issue identification cents Yanshitai ink coverage , delicate and mild, wet there just for the higher grade . Our four famous ink - Duan inkstone , Yan Tao , Cheng Yan mud has long been known in the country and become the four treasures of the noble . Duan delicate stone, solid, tender and moist , when referred to as " the first group of Yan . " Pik color , sound if the stone inkstone , green and blue, jade green and run Taoyan as red soil, pure red GAN Taoyan are rare treasures. Cheng Yan mud material produced is special. This occurs in Shanxi Jiangzhou stones Yanshitai not naturally gifted , but Silk sack in the Fen River flows through Jiangzhou , out of the river after a year , the silk bag filled with sand clay, then made this inkstone red ocher mud. Such Yan hard and durable , made Xirun ink , the ink storage can be durable, fully demonstrated the unique properties of raw materials

2nd grade of materials processing technology skillfully made levels play a direct reflection of the level of material beauty show

As a variety of art materials products , arts and crafts through the visual image through the art of a particular physical material processing, production and fulfillment. The artistic process directly affects the material beauty of the work. To this end, the accomplished artisans not only pay attention to the techniques of "material according art " , but also have a wit "handy " . There is a weight of about 37 kg of material tallow, Beijing has been collecting jade plants for nearly 20 years . 1982 was based on the famous designer and Miao Wei Ting design seawater along with Chinese lore dragon and phoenix patterns , carved in a " smoked flower", and in 1985 , during the National Day display . It is manufactured in a single piece of jade artists with superb artistry layers cut into the back , sub -top , the body , the base of three parts, and carved with dragon and phoenix patterns and decorative chain in each hand, fully demonstrated the general sense of the subject, worthy plump, totally natural. In Mawangdui unearthed many precious Han Dynasty relics , there is a Zen master linen thread, so this clothing materials " Your thread" , thin as onion skin , light as a cloud , length 160 cm , long sleeve pass 195 cm and weighs only 48 grams. Featured yarn fabric so light and thin primes reflect the country as early as two thousand years ago, reeling silk yarn high. This thread is superb craftsmanship make up the Zen clothing material with unparalleled beauty, the outstanding performance of the ancestors of the wisdom of the Chinese nation and capacity, caused a sensation worldwide . In short, the U.S. is creating beautiful material base material craftsmanship , understanding , identification of materials and achieve a reasonable use of the materials is the premise of creating beautiful art

Must be whether personality traits through the material and technical means for obtaining accurate performance in processing materials are full play to the level of play in the United States appreciates the material , improve our ability to appreciate the arts and crafts. If the material is produced crafts , the "meat" , which is the art of color "skin " of the. Since human skin is the most exposed organ, such as the color of the entire ship works more direct effect most sensitive part on the senses of the human being . To this end , the United States is the whole process of color in the United States and one of the most beautiful visuals. Several varieties of colorful colors crafts categories dazzling performance was delighted, is of great value estético.Como color aesthetic object is an objective reality , but by the United States in which color is very subjective state of mind. How do aesthetic unity between subject and object , accurate color cosmetic beauty crafts safe ? In our opinion, must be based on specific skills, the training process , the material on several factors , texture , decoration tools , process conditions , such as arts and crafts to the tasting beauty of color . Overall, the arts and crafts show Beauty color " natural living ", "simple elegance ", " beautiful scene " and " types of light harmony." Natural real . As we all know , many crafts are made from natural materials processing , production process without any artificial coloring factor , what makes these works to preserve the natural color, and working to make this performance was perfect and natural color only "true nature " charm. People loved Jade crafts reflect the natural color is beautiful " pride." Whether or jade earrings jade bracelets , jade or case holder wall flower jasper, both in its natural color reproduction processing and stylish. Such as " shrimp dish Agate " and " Onyx Dragon , " the treasures of agate carved in the creative process , the designer Wang Yuan is the aesthetic principles of " material according art " , full use of the natural color agate. With " Dragon " , for example, its high carved with natural black , white background plate pattern is carved ice falling waves, and in the center of the plate in the bottom of the waves , artisans clever use of natural color, Komon pattern carved a dragon , the dragon turned wave, Kit Kat extremely natural. Another example is the popular process , Beijing " grape is often" the process of using known dye cream , frozen grapes hanging people see and fluid , demonstrating the "true nature" of the driving force. Unlike its predecessor, the " Grape often" is to create a natural color by means of technology, and the "dragon " is to make the perfect game to get natural color through technology. Simple and elegant. There are some handicrafts near the archaeological finds color in the same dark dark in color , such as antique ceramics , metal crafts copper , etc. , often because of its old charm and welcome.

This training style rasp two reasons : First, the impact of the relics , ancient technology came into existence, secondly, because in the past to use more fossil, plant pigments ( pigment chemical widely used in thing last century). Natural colors to bring a simple elegance Crafts style , as it has been transmitted to the indigo dye for batik Guizhou color style in the case of a situation tipo.Comenzó in the early years of the dynasty, until now , a hundred years history, " Nanyang pyrography, " reflects the typical tone of simple elegance. This painting is marked with a special pencil painted wood several brand en.Después leaving the screen dark brown朴清雅the old oven, nice display . As Zhang Sui creation "figure Ruihe " is a dark brown color , with the use of dark colors , light, bright, vivid, changes in the composition of dark image . Crafts rustic beauty is a unique design . Relics of the treasures of craftsmanship mottled patina with faded floral imprint of history, is a sign of aesthetic cultural value should be doubly careful . Mr. Lu Xun once said rich soil of ancient artifacts utensils polished story , this thought in order to show off their wealth , rich soil, just hurt your own parody property. Beautiful scene . According to " A Brief History of Chinese arts and crafts " , a book about , enamel, the period of the Ming and Qing dynasties had red , red Ji , ruby, red bean, Ji blue , sapphire blue, malachite green , pouring yellow, yellow eggs , the fish eel, yellow, purple eggplant skin . Along with the innovative " golden lock ", " gold Sunburn" , "gilt ", " gold clear ", "silver clean " and other techniques , the color is more beautiful scene . This crafts style of color, to meet different people and different aesthetic taste different environments , places different requirements on color , reflecting the craftsmanship of its external forms enhance the atmosphere , the environment may affect the role of emotions in thought people function . Filigree Mosaic prepares its magnificent color and blinding brilliance to the world . Such as " Fengming filigree inlaid bell" is a treasure. The bell represents the sun shining clouds unleashed by a carved lapis lazuli ; Gold K , K phoenix gold made of silk , beautiful and luxurious , red and green and encrusted with 18 diamonds 88 crested jewels, feathers embedded 110 diamonds on the tail of red and green are also integrated with nine precious gems , varied and glorified gems, crystal bright , warm contrast representation, highly symbolic embodiment of the " golden Phoenix sun , good luck, " good involvement . Luminous harmony . Such people are saying about the beauty of the legendary slogan : Where Beauty is the harmony and proportion of heterozygosity , any degree of harmony and proportion is true that both beautiful and very happy with the kind of effect once. There is so much beauty in general harmonious in all the arts , arts and crafts is no exception. But not noble , nor dazzling , but can their pure , peaceful and refreshing characteristics. Harmonious and bright and clean gold and silver, precious stones Ringtones

China's Tang Dynasty kilns product " Yue " will have this feature. Such as " Yue four-pot lines " , which was the pale blue pot Tongshen , in the light irradiation , resulting in a milky , pure and beautiful effect. The ancients had used "Nine autumn Lu Yue , won Shiqianfeng Cuise to" praise poem Yue porcelain beauty . Another example of highly developed craft porcelain in the Song , Ming Yao numerous achievements high glaze. Take the Ru porcelain enamel near the storm, Ying wet glaze sauce thick , igniting the powder blue glazed look particularly uniform. Luminous color harmony crafts are still many , ivory described as " second to none " . Due to the texture of delicate ivory color , carved by the magnificent art work after all pale and flawless body can not tolerate the least rainfall of infected dust. Faced with such luminous harmony of art, a kind of spiritual purification feelings spontaneously