Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts , household items and refers to beautify the living environment of the arts. Its outstanding feature is the material production and the creation of beauty combined with the primary purpose of practice and have aesthetic characteristics, one of the plastic arts. It also refers to various techniques and practical art made of a combination of art and appreciate the value usually has a dual nature : both material goods, but also has varying degrees of mental aesthetic .

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As a physical product, which reflects a certain era, and production levels of certain substances in the social culture, as a spiritual product, its visual

 Images ( shape, color , decoration) and embodies the aesthetic certain age. It is usually divided into two categories: one , daily process , which is processed through the lives of real decorative elements, as part of the process of dyeing, pottery, furniture , handicrafts, etc. Secondly , the process furniture , which is designed for the assessment of the furniture, as some ivory carvings , jade carving , decorative painting . Earlier production of arts and crafts , as the state of Neolíticocerámica painted previously sculpted white ceramic Shang , Shang has jade, etc. , form and technique of modeling showed strong art realism and practicality . Its production , often due to historical periods and geographical environment , economic conditions , cultural and technical level , is still learning and ethnically different aesthetic and display different characteristics of style.


Fine Arts is one of the plastic arts. It is made of art ( handicrafts). Combination of practice and arts and crafts are made of craft skills and appreciate the value of art . With the development of the times , arts and crafts are not limited , but with the machine industry , and even large industrial groups , real art materials , or practical works of art.

Is it because of the requirements of the real life of people emerge, has a close relationship with the daily lives of people . Arts and crafts , historic , and cultural treasures of our country is a Chinese pearl shining in the international prestigious . Arts and Crafts originated in the era of humans began manufacturing herramientas.Artes and crafts are created persons mostly working directly with people's material and spiritual life are closely related . Occurs, often due to the different historical periods and geographical environment , economic conditions , cultural and technical level , ethnic fashion and aesthetic point of view and show different characteristics of style. Marx said : " The mortgage and Crafts Society

The dynamic nature of the relationship between direct human life process , production , and the social and living conditions and spiritual concept that is the direct production process . " From this we see that since the technology is important evidence of human origin, then the origin of the arts and crafts certainly goes back to the origins of mankind, when the achievements of prehistoric archeology tells us : A fully developed the complexity of the technique on the existence of the Ice Age . During this time, humans learned to I use symbols to decorate themselves, decorating tools , decorative tombs and residential homes. "Ice Age artists who developed almost art production of various processing techniques, including stone and bone , ivory, clay sculpture in the round , relief and variety of these materials represent symbols . " Moreover, from the unearthed stone artifacts look was often primitive tools in various physical shape or geometric decoration, fine processing , it is difficult to distinguish whether they are tools or arts and crafts. Therefore believe that human beings originated in the Arts and Crafts era began to make tools

In making tool tens of thousands of years , humans have gained high sensitive sense of form , and accumulated skills on this basis , which makes some of the art, especially the visual arts produced the impossible " , the arts crafts and experienced an extremely long process , gradually formed