Aesthetic Features

Applicability and aesthetics

 Arts and crafts and daily life of people has very close ties . It is the same building that society has two basic functions , ie , at the same time meet the needs and the real lives of people who think low demanda.En a sense beauty , craftsmanship applied first, then the United States . Do not light the lamps , no write the pen , its shape no matter how well decorated , there is no aesthetic value. Because of this , many process also applies to furniture design direction , such as a decorative plate with a large windshield and acts as a screen to separate the great room is an example. But this does not negate the existence and development of simple decorative arts and crafts. Overall, furniture and decor set with its decorative function, which is a reflection of its applicability. Viewed from this perspective , the aesthetic value of home products primarily through exercise was able to play to perfection incarnate . While the furniture craft , its applicability is shown by the aesthetic value. Here, the " applicable " specific " beauty " is abstract, this "concrete" and the opposition "art " and unity , so many arts and crafts can survive the vicissitudes of life and keep alive their environment , history, community

Arts and Crafts - Shoushan stone " flower basket "

A variety of forms and ideas of youthful beauty . Needless to say , the application and aesthetic combination of arts and crafts is the nature of the primary features. Arts and crafts while still limited by the type of process characteristics aesthetics. Aesthetic value of all types of crafts, to some extent, depends on the characteristics of these crafts are a perfect match . For example , the art of carving knife file , should be based on different materials, transport knives to take a different approach , selecting the right tools, using a variety of techniques to carry from size . Chinese Ming Dynasty "nuclear ship" unleash the characteristics of this type of process. Late Ming Wei Yi School had detailed records , eventually close a Peach previously , when the artist Wang Shu , engraved with the five people , eight windows , also carved in a piece of Chuanpeng , shovel, stove, pot, a book, a rosary. Even stranger is that the former is also recorded with lacopla , Title Zhuanwen of 34 words . People are different , so fine as marks of the feet of mosquito, the game so exquisite carving is rare in ancient and modern works . Another example of wonderful embroidery " Today's double-sided embroidery " is full of different embroidery stitches , techniques of " skills " with a high aesthetic value. So , when we appreciate the works of art and crafts , should look at their own processes which are characterized by the level of play materials, tools , production level of restrictions in the production process , the higher the level of game , artisanal aesthetic value is greater . Craft aesthetic effect of the materials used is not equal . A diamond , a piece of gold , ivory it is very high in terms of their economic value, but in the field of aesthetics in the process if you are not using for creating processes.

Bamboo as zero. Therefore, the appreciation of the arts and crafts can also process materials are not allowed in the same range to distinguish its artistic value is high or low , depending on the material , but reasonable , make full and transform level to identify the pros and cons . Such as: impure stone color, is a serious drawback of raw materials , it can sometimes make a carved destroyed almost finished . However, the processing of raw jade carving artists make the fine tradition of the " intelligent. " In other words the situation, since the material applied technology.王鲁桓modern sculptor sculptures chops , only shows the problem : Artist brand printed in dark green stone, carving realistic beetles , the disadvantages of IDS . For this treatment , the esthetician Zhaowen said : "If it is not caused by the brand of dark green as he ' strip ' inspired a beetle , and the beetle stuck good time in a different color stone whetherwhat ingenious technique of engraving is difficult to arouse the viewer amazing authors . rely on their own initiative to find the type of passive, becomes the shortcomings of the advantages of talent and intelligence , obedience while breaking the limitations of raw materials , the performance of talent of the artist . " Another example Shengzhou County plant production bamboo crafts " Ma Gu Xian Shou " , the materials used are also unique. Technologist with a needle thinner than a sheet of paper 2.8 cm wide strips painted 150 strands moment, then picked up knitting needles thread , made a delicate fairy skin, hair and clothing fluttering streamers , so so beautiful and poignant tale, giving it a graceful and elegant beauty. Therefore, the rational use of raw materials and the magnitude of the transformation of a direct impact on the aesthetic effect of the work. Coordination of technology products is reflected in a sense of color harmony , moderate size , design together

Arts and crafts
Management and other aspects of the environment with the right , which is the process of the advanced state of the U.S., which usually features a "should" word. Metal crafts such as " unicorn children, " this work has always been based on the folklore of the unicorn. Author Lydia Liu integrally copper through thirty times before molding made of copper coil burning chisel . Copper plates floating on the bottom of the clouds hanging longevity lock contrast with a child, he was wearing a helmet Ying, sitting on a unicorn ride , like walking on clouds , Pier round face a tiger, and that illusion proper attention , hold the left corner of the unicorn

There are energetic and lively gesture. Edges trimmed with silver lace blue bat , symbolizing happiness , peace plates. This work is not only worthy , simple and beautiful natural tones globally , and there is widespread recognition of the value that can wake people love life Lenovo , contains a human reproduction , survival and struggle of philosophy, which shows the strength overall coordination of fine arts. When the ship reaches its storage environment is also a concerted and coordinated American crafts can be more fully demonstrated. Such as the Great Hall of Hunan Embroidery furnished living large plaque is highly Hunan native atmosphere . In particular , the two ducks swimming in water and hibiscus flower, suddenly put people brought Yanbohaomiao Dongting sided embroidery in rivers and lakes , many partnership led by the United States , interesting, school life, received a nice aesthetic effect.

Characteristics and factors of process image

 "Crafts , mostly in color , structure and physical form to represent a certain era of broad and nebulous emotional atmosphere of the nation. " Usually not reproduce, copy

Arts and Crafts - carved ivory ball "Friendship First"
Intended target object , but the reality of the object's shape , but also the outer shape of the object , since the emotion , so that arts and crafts are the feelings of object-oriented product of human nature. Therefore, we only process the image through the external form of the work to understand the inner feelings , to find ways to understand the basic symbolic implication works tasting sublime beauty. Symbolic image process and the types of changes development of art, and this process of change and development, and for the image of the sublime beauty and can have a base to display. In the symbolism in art and the development of a situation like this: people will worship God in this spirit mixed with the contents of the performance of the material in the form of God , such as cows , monkeys , snakes are worshiped as gods. " This situation reflects the art , on the one hand , recognizes that God is not the object, the other object but to feel God, which is a contradiction. To overcome this contradiction , so put the feeling of an object used to be exaggerated, distorted and used to symbolize God " , thus this type of superhuman powers is created, many of the statues of Buddhist goddess of Buddha , Buddha, etc thousand eyes , and many of these images has become a tradition of arts and crafts theme, as people beyond Naturally , a symbol of self-defeating force . Take arts and crafts , "Six armbar Buddha Dragon " , for example , a contemporary master Zhuo Pan Bingheng works. Intelligent use of many branches of coral design features a Six Arm Buddha , more than expected cuts treaty 10 cm tall dragon. From the perspective of the symbolic idea of forcing six representative arms of Buddha, on behalf of the Dragon violent flood. A 30 chains cm long from the "Buddha" right arm cut off, locked the "dragon" of the neck, became the winner regarding prostrate between the "Buddha " and " Dragon" , the people of this part the feeling " uniform flooding " the joy of being " anything is possible "stimulus . Symbolic Meaning contact Pride works, a sense of aesthetic triumph , creating a rich and sublime beauty competitiveness fighting heart. Image symbolic process also with the history of social factors related only to work on the history and background of the company , in order to more accurately Cata crafts symbolic meaning and sublime beauty. Such as arts and crafts some lonely , treasures, why they are considered priceless addition to material texture and level of technology and other factors, it is due to the social history of the reasons given in these works is accurate , profound , universal and unique symbolic meaning and sublime beauty. In ancient China , the products of technology , there are many tripod. From the practical point of view , is a cooking device , but also for cooking utensils of torture and human Alchemy to cook the drug. Another use is as a tripod that weighs statehood , is a symbol of royalty ; tripod slavery prevailed , with the kind of label was awesome adaptation phase. Shang " Simuwu big ding" , form a large and deep , is the largest ever discovered the tripod. His abdomen animal faces , there is no body, two prominent taotie like gloomy , solemn , majestic and mysterious horror. "In the terrible threat that seems mystery Ning Li, steeped in a historical forces deep mystery and horror is this unstoppable combination of great historical forces , became the United States - . . Sublime" " killing hundreds of thousands of prisoners back into the history of slavery in the past decade , but representatives embody the spirit of the times bronze art has been the reason for us to appreciate , praise without a break , is it not true that are a manifestation of this is the mystery of Superman objective history winger ? precisely this superhuman historical forces that constitute the essence of beauty Ning Li bronze art . "Today , it retains a style Humane Society of childhood innocence Zhuopu beauty mysterious Ding Ning Li, to show people the characteristics of an era, showing newcomers sublime beauty unsurpassed . Process image of the symbolic , and other categories of arts and aesthetic habits of the nation also has a relationship , improve the quality of arts and culture , popular culture to understand the aesthetic ideal, we can develop a broader understanding of the meaning symbolic and sublime beauty. A country, a nation of all kinds of arts and culture in the long process of development, always affect each other and learn from each other , so noble spirit and aesthetic intention on behalf of the great national tradition often reflected image in the process , so the process image the sublime beauty of color and typical literary meaning . Such as " Journey to the West " in the Monkey, Pig often Cidiao , clay sculpture village " craniofacial " become , "Dream of Red Mansions" in the different stories often become sculptures , embroidery and other topic craft works , along with " bull by the horns ", " feudal " and other typical sense in the ship, which greatly enriched the process image can display content . Mr. Lu has been hailed as "a great deep male" art - Zhuanke works , there is titled "The Last Stand" , the gigantic work, which is 3.3 meters long , 1.2 meters high and almost each weighing 30 kilos few brick thick Ti pintoraWang spell Tianjin Sibo and her husband created Shaomin Yan . "Last Stand" is based on " Historical Records Huaiyin Hou Biography " , give full play to the Zhuanke artwork ( major works ) experience with a gorgeous image , knife picturesque Emotion performance Han Xin Zhao desperate battle with troops the magnificent scene . The high-spirited horse , waving his arms , torso war dead , grace combat to demonstrate the value and strength, not a bloody battle appreciator feel brutal , but " fight to the death ," the brave noble spirit . Symbolic meaning in this epic picture, the yield was very prominent , so it works with real artistic life , creating a mood of sublime aesthetic , is excited . The dazzling colorful folk art , the "Dragon and Phoenix ", " Kat (chicken ) holding over ( fish), " " Ma Gu Xian Shou ", " broadcast " and some other symbol of happiness, good luck , longevity , happiness , peace theme often repeated performance, and popular. Take paper cut , which embodies the profound emotional awareness and psychological nation called national art treasures. Guizhou Zhicheng Xie cut " cockscomb " in the use of traditional symbolism namesake , chicken, fish combination in the same picture, a symbol of "more than happiness. " Another example is the Beijing Crafts " Ronghua " symbol " splendor " , Huishan clay "Fu" - tiny puppets smiling - a symbol of happiness , which are very popular folk art . The reason , in addition to his experience in the art of hand is full of artisans , the key is a symbol of good implication of this work can be understood and accepted by the masses , which expresses the aesthetic ideal of the people. In addition , there are many works on the ship does not have a direct symbolic meaning , but as a mere ornament and production, reflecting the aesthetic demands of a people. As stated in the Great Hall of Guangdong Chamber of ivory carving "Music and Dancing Days" , a part of this work is 50 floors ivory balls , and that's fine openwork carving knife techniques and good luck fairy-like , as Kit Kat. The work itself is not a person attempt teachings , but makes people feel great skills industrious artisans , rigorous and tough style , resolute spirit , will we connoisseur been indirectly influenced by the kind of wisdom and strength. These works, in the performance of the division of virtuosity and extraordinary talent, but also a symbol of the great creations of the human mind , in this regard , the United States and are excellent skills are equally sublime performance , not that confident said human " omnipotent, nothing less ," the spirit of exploring , forward it! Arts and crafts in this case above and artistic performances "trick" There are some similarities . If the comedian makes very difficult tongue twister mouth when supported the effort spat the word luck, amazing; Again rotate dancers, opera actor turned small , continuous hundreds , when the cheering audience as actor Al performances , but also in praise of his ability to create such beauty wisdom and diligence. Understanding the strong symbolic abilities crafts boutique , is summarized in the main feelings of aesthetic sublimation out ; for arts and crafts, the aesthetic effect that can not be ignored . In summary, only from different angles , the contact factors aspects of the social history of the nation , in order to better understand the art of symbolic meaning , understanding demonstrated by this sublime beauty craftsmanship involved