Ancient Chinese arts and crafts paper

"Kaogongji" Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC - 476 BC). "Zhou Kaogongji China" Dynasty, about the craft of artisans books written government, which is the first monograph of a process, also known as The book is more of 7100 characters, the six categories of 30 kinds of carpentry content, metalwork, leather, dyeing, scraping grinding, ceramics, etc., reflected that the Chinese reached the level of technology and processes are described . Moreover, "Kaogongji" There math, geography, mechanics, acoustics, architecture and other aspects of knowledge and lessons learned.

"Jade Atlas" is the monograph Song Dynasty China (AD 960 ~ 1279) on the art of jade, dragon with great depth. This book is the first monograph of Chinese jade. The book is a total of 100 volumes, map 700, recorded the emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty (AD 1127 ~ 1163) in possession of the palace of jade. DAVID department is divided into department wins partial pressure, Fu Yu Department, the text of the Ministry, the Ministry Liao Xun, Food & Beverage, part Yi, Music Department, Ministry furnished nine. The book is written in ancient jade is very wide, in addition to sacrifice use typical ritual ritual, rather it is the daily life of the real goods and the accompanying called jade crafts masterpiece drawings, is the study of jade One important ancient Chinese classics

"Spectrum silk brocade"

Yuan Dynasty (AD 1271 ~ 1368) comes the series. The book regardless of the volume, as described in Sichuan (Western China) hospital history of ancient brocade, tapestry production division, production and use, etc. established and described in detail the Song Dynasty houses Chengdu transit Secretary Kam Kam and Brocade Tea-Horse Division institutes were several kinds of colors, varieties. For the study of the history and brocade brocade decorative pattern Song Dynasty has an important reference value. "Ornaments painted antique" in the Ming (1368 - 1644) Dynasty painter Huang Cheng famous book. The book is divided into dry, Kun two sets, a total of 18 chapters, 186.Equipos and tools, including paints, paint dots, methods of decoration of lacquer, shellac and Fetus. "Registering painted decoration" is a summary of the experience of ancient Chinese painting master process.

"Heavenly Creations"

"Heavenly Creations" Sung Ming Dynasty (AD 1587 ~ 1661) book, written in 1637. This is an encyclopedia on agriculture and technology of handicraft production, and summarizes the knowledge of various areas of China in the time of production. The book of 18 volumes, each describing a plant, weaving, dyeing, food processing, boil the salt, sugar, ceramics, metallurgy, vehicle manufacturing, forging, firing sulfur ash, oil, paper, mining, steel, paint, wine and many other content. "Heavenly Creations" is the China Science and Technology Historical retain the most abundant, which focuses more on craftsmanship, reflecting the Ming Dynasty Chinese capitalism childhood appears productivity conditions

"Spectrum embroidery"

"Embroidery spectrum" of the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911) Betty Ting monograph written by embroidery. The book is divided in the choice of sites, selection, drawing, color vision, engineering, chemicals and other chapters on the sum discusses the process of embroidery, "Sarkozy, light, and uniforms said, and thin, smooth, dense lines "