Pottery clay from clay or shaped after firing of the apparatus. Pottery has a long history in the Neolithic pottery had shown signs of simple and rough. In ancient pottery and household items, in what is now generally used as crafts collection.

Method of early pottery

It is generally believed that the earliest pottery is handmade and fired in bonfires. The cooking time is short but the fire reaches the maximum temperature can be

Early pottery
Alta, is 900 ℃, and arrived quickly. Clay and sand, gravel, broken or mixture of broken pottery shells can be used to make a fire after firing of ceramics, this is because they provide an open body of water and other volatile texture makeup components can easily leave . Clay particles thick ceramic body plays a role in restricted contraction internal cooling process with a slow speed, and to reduce the possibility of thermal stress and cracking. At the beginning of the cooking fire ceramics mainly round, the intention is to avoid sharp corners so prone to rupture. The oven or furnace is specially designed trench oven early point, he dug a hole in the ground covered with fuel on top again. The hole in the ground to provide better insulation, so that the firing process may have a better control.
The origins ceramic

The first figure is the Gravatt known ceramic culture, for example, in today's Czech Republic under Sylvester Nietzsche

The oldest known pottery ─ ─ Sylvester Nietzsche on Eros
Domestic ceramics found: Sylvester Nietzsche Eros. This is a small statue of Venus, the oldest dating back 29,000 years to 25,000 years ago (Gravatt Culture), the performance of a nude female statue form. The oldest fragments of ceramic vessels jar ceramic culture Fairy Cave, Jiangxi, China, discovered in 2012. Dating from 20,000 years ago to 19,000 years ago. Before 2004, China Jiangxi culture Fairy striped ceramic layer unearthed, more than 13,000 years at least. Early Jomon of Japan about 10,500 years also created the first pottery jug. Jomon refers to the use of clay statue of the string wrapped around the container and paste the plus sign. In front of 10,000 also unearthed pottery manufacture in China. There are indications that the North African pottery dating from 10,000 years ago, developed independently, and in the South American pottery dating back 7,000 years.