The basic principles

Western Europe , where the sculptor Henry Moore to talk about his "body" , says the way to " express the human or animal characteristics and personality ", " The body itself is the meaning and importance of human beings is that given the practical experience, is based on the habits of human feelings " body awareness and people feel - Designers have ." mental content " - determines the physical sense , is " mental content " determines the nature of the shape of the design . As they say , "triangle" represents stability , but as the triangle of facial expressions of the characters, "triangle" in the eyes and the sly, insidious behavior associated with the character. Therefore, the content of the decision in the form of basic design principles , and only have to draw a variety of shapes, lines , design, hierarchical observation and experience , to understand the implication of the artist to see the end to appreciate the merits of process modeling beauty and ugliness.


Latin form

Arts and Crafts style practices directly affect the shape of the style characteristics that form has a style and a different trend. In general, process modeling techniques are " Jane Law polish" and " complicated " two types , both of opposites, have their own category in the arts and performance modeling . Traditional clay figures and forms carved porcelain , as a large number of household utensils often to "polish " the main, and sometimes a few simple lines can make characters look brilliant . The beautifully carved lacquer hollow carved filigree art , etc. , often showing "complex" and "special skills."


basic Types

Rhythmic beauty. When " in nature has an infinite variety of forms and rhythms. " Are these forms and rates for process modeling and performance found in all kinds of aesthetic experience , providing creative learning opportunities available. A horse , a cat , a flower, a grass , after the division of the reproduction process , can become beautiful handicrafts . Hunan Root artist Liu Yuan printed with a group titled "Pastoral" , the carving work , a young shepherd blowing central position piccolo " , a root to be " stretched forward to go , when to rest after work resembles the legs elastic ; Pastor spread have caused the dog to safety lay prostrate , frolicking deer, sheep grazing , pausado.Este school system overall root density and white design charm, not the Lord 's mix of humor. Dark brown roots bad natural surroundings, the modeling technique used deformation , which seems another form of failure of adequate grazing poetic life , fully embodies the process of modeling the pace .


Imposing beauty. "People of conquest and a set of objects in the world , reflected in the image, image and specific mood , is the strength, agility and speed " , which are a relatively uniform process modeling static and immobile . This form of the speed and power is solidified with movement of the body , to display the pot life . This would produce a solidified form does not move, but still want to move aesthetic effect , form a flowing artistically and strength , which is imposing beauty. Wuwei Gansu Han Dynasty unearthed bronze famous " riding swallows " , reflecting the high degree of compliance with the Arts and Crafts style . That helmets flying "Copper Horse" Puma healthy body , the energetic boost, the ponytail high on the rapid implementation "in this outline of the overall picture of the flow of flying, which shows the strength , athleticism , and is formed by on the ' momentum ' of the United States in the Han dynasty art, sports , strength, ' momentum ' is the essence of it . "momentum Vivid this beauty, even brilliant Tang tile portrait of beautiful and Song are also difficult to match. It is known as the eighth wonder of the world, " Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses " , tall body and live quite large, balance, a sense of strong, flexible muscles curved , take your vigorous vitalidad.Que thousand "characteristics" warrior standing , to show the history of a nation , causing admiration and appreciation of the need to reflect on how they reached the exciting artistic charm proportions.

Rigorous beauty. Arts and Crafts aesthetic principles and apply unit , established in the modeling features of structured processes . If Mawangdui unearthed lacquer burial, and a set of headset cartridge reached its process modeling science and art of the perfect combination of a modeling paradigm structured process , " a caliber 19 × 16.5 cm, 12.2 cm frame headphone oval box headset can adapt Seven , lid and body image - mouth to break due to intelligent design , the use of the full utilization of the available space in the body of the box, headphones Seven boxes stacked sound patterns , tight style are good. " level of process modeling is simply amazing and great precision , impeccable.


In addition to emphasis on rhythm process modeling , momentum , rigorous, but also advocates smooth, harmonious and stable generous , however , and we are experienced in the assessment . Here comes a brief mention about how civil process modeling . Such as " season seven sitting five disc three, four knees ", " cover alone half of the eyelid , which is used all gone , " it is human proportions , " the men in the chest, waist and women do , "it is human gesture , patterned features have , in the character of facial modeling " to laugh , looking up , evil, facial features muzzle pinch together, " reveals músculosexpuestos to contact inner feelings. The law says that the aesthetic experience of the people working , says: The United States should be a character modeling , proportionality , reflecting the characteristics of a balanced set , active and harmonious