Ceramic Art

Our ancestors and the world some countries and regions, such as Egypt, India, Greece, Persia, southwest Asia ancestors, in the long-term practice of the invention of pottery. Pottery making, there are about ten thousand years of history, mankind since the beginning know how to make pottery, various aspects have undergone profound changes, as Engels put it, "the lowest level of the stage of barbarism - the beginning of the application of ceramics. "Based on ceramic technology continues to develop and improve the Chinese invented porcelain. Ceramic invention not only solved the problem of life of individuals, such as the life of appliances, building materials, etc., are also available for art.
Today, ceramics is unprecedented, has formed a ceramic household ceramic on display
Ceramic-core, and the system of industrial ceramics, sanitary ceramics, special ceramics, artistic ceramics and other ceramic pattern of large flowers are blooming. Ceramics in Dehua, Jingdezhen City, the national economy plays an important role in both, and have large advantages of raw materials, production, sales, research and education. Ceramic research and development system is more complete, Dehua Ceramics Culture Research Centre was established in Quanzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Jingdezhen already have, including the State Administration of Light Industry Ceramic Research Institute, Jiangxi Institute of Ceramics Research three institutions, including the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, there Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute